Call for Application

The “Professor Dr. Laszlo Romics Memorial Foundation” announces a tender for those doctors and persons, who are Hungarian citizens, younger than 40 years old, and conducting medical biological research within Hungary. The Foundation will grant a donation of HUF 500,000 to the winner(s).

The purpose of the tender is to appreciate the outstanding scientific activities of people, who work in the areas of clinical medicine and medical scientific research.

Those tenderers will be preferred, who continuing the work of the eponym of the Foundation will submit their tenders in the field of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

The submission deadline of tenders is: January 31, 2018 (the deadline for the evaluation of the tenders is: April 30, 2018)

Tenders have to be submitted to the email address of, in pdf format.

A tender may be submitted by a natural person, in his/her own name, in Hungarian language. The size of the tender may be maximum 15,000 characters without diagrams. A brief professional curriculum vitae has to be submitted with the tender. The submission of the tender has to be reported in a letter written by the tenderer’s own hand and dated, addressed to the Secretary to the Foundation (the following address has to be written on the envelope: “dr. Dudás Márta 1461 Budapest Pf. 62.”) sent in a registered consignment. The tender will become authentic on the basis of this reporting letter.

Further information may be found concerning the data and the operation of the Foundation on the website of the foundation: