The Foundation is an open foundation. Any domestic or foreign natural or legal person may join it at any time during the existence of the Foundation with an asset contribution of its own choice. The fact of joining will not qualify the joining party a founder, and it will not be authorised to exercise the rights of the founder.
However, the joining party will be entitled to present proposals to the Advisory Board concerning the utilisation of its own asset contribution.
It is possible to join the Foundation with the performance of an asset contribution, a donation. Performance means the provision of an asset for the purposes that are recorded in the effective Deed of Foundation of the Foundation, without receiving any counter-service, and it may consist of financial and non-financial asset contributions or the provision of services.
Providing the donation may be done either by transfer to the bank account of the Foundation, with a donation letter transferring the ownership right or the valuable right, or by services offered in writing.
The joining party will not be entitled to exercise the rights of the founder even after joining, and the joining party will not get any rights concerning the operation of the Foundation.
The founder and the joining party, and their legal successors may not withdraw or reclaim the assets granted to the Foundation.